Spirit Clash In-Game Currency… & More

Spirit Dust… For many months, people have wondered what this mysterious token is for. We’re finally ready to release the sacred information, and a whole lot more. 😏

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100 Spirit Dust

Spirit Dust will act as a revolving currency for cards within the game. You will be able to use it to craft new cards. If you want to destroy a card, you will receive Spirit Dust for doing so, and can craft additional cards with the dust you receive, similar to Hearthstone. Anyone who holds the 1155 version of Spirit Dust can convert it to the in-game equivalent at a 1:1 ratio. (side note: we gave out a LOT of dust to you early members) 😎

The amount of dust you receive for melting cards in-game:
- Common: 5
- Divine Common: 100

- Rare: 25
- Divine Rare: 250

- Epic: 100
- Divine Epic: 500

- Legendary: 500
- Divine Legendary: 1750

The amount of dust it will cost to craft cards in-game:
- Common: 50
- Divine Common: 500

- Rare: 150
- Divine Rare: 1000

- Epic: 500
- Divine Epic: 1500

- Legendary: 1750
- Divine Legendary: 3500

As you can see, Spirit Dust is an integral part of Spirit Clash for the players. If you’ve held onto them, give yourself a pat on the back. 🙌

Crystal Currency

We’ve had many questions regarding the blockchain side of Spirit Clash, and how you can purchase new card packs within the game.

We’re introducing a premium currency called crystals.

  • Convert in-game cards into blockchain items to be sent to your Enjin wallet
  • Purchase card packs, unique game boards, cosmetics, emotes, and more!
  • Get tickets to special events

If you want your blockchain items sent to the game, you can do so with a small gas fee. Upon release, you can purchase crystals using fiat via Google Play or Ethereum/PayPal on our website (which is currently being FULLY redesigned).

All of our cards (With the exception of cards circulating currently) will remain virtual, off-chain.

There are a couple reasons for this. Being mostly off-chain will allow us to market to a wider audience, and it will dramatically reduce ETH gas fees needed to complete each action. The more players we have, the more events and tournaments we can create for our players.

This means the cards you accumulate until official release are extremely rare. You can no longer purchase the currently existing versions of them from us, or craft them in the game, ever.

In addition to multiplayer matchmaking, we will introduce a solo adventure mode. Winning three matchmaking games will award you 33 crystals (Up to 99 per day). This means nine wins will nearly get you a FREE pack of cards at the rate below. You can also complete quests for crystals that refresh every day, or general quests for the story line.

Well Let’s Break it Down:

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For example: 1 pack costs 100 crystals, $1.99 gets you 100 crystals.

Want to earn free crystals? Join our Discord server! Increase your rank by simply chatting with us, earn crystals at certain ranks. More info can be found on the server at #role-rewards. Invite link → https://discord.gg/Zc3hWds

Where We Are Now:

  • After we squash some more bugs, we will begin inviting some alpha testers in waves 〰️ (Details on waves can be found on our Discord) 〰️
  • We’re wrapping up sound design with none other than Mr. Bill (Mau5trap)

Where We’re Going:

  • Implementing more visual effects in the next sprint of development
  • Creating a Spirit Clash page on Steam
  • Revealing our updated website (in progress)
  • Releasing a full-length game trailer (in progress)
Voltriph working on the new website!

Want to stay updated on Spirit Clash? Follow us..😎

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Collectible card game using blockchain & Enjin 1155

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