Introducing Clash Token: An evolving ERC-20 with all the right buzzwords

Clash token (SCT) is a deflationary utility token for Spirit Clash. Its primary use case is to yield farm booster packs on our website. We will also have limited edition items, and season passes that can only be purchased with SCT. After a successful store purchase, the spent SCT will be burnt from the total supply. The amount of burnt tokens is one of the changes that can be voted on once governance is in place & the token is re-made as ERC-1155 with an official Enjin adapter.

Okay, let’s break this down, starting with the token itself, and why you should care.

[SCT] Token Standard:

SCT is a deflationary ERC-20 token made for Spirit Clash. It will act as a V1 token. V2 will be an ERC-1155 token made using an Enjin adapter (~January 2021 release) to allow it to interact with ERC-20 applications.

(N)FT Yield Farm:

Staking your SCT on our website will begin farming booster packs to your online account. Staking your SCT/ETH/UNIV2 liquidity pool tokens will give you a faster yield. There will be one farm encompassing booster packs from all 6 virtues.

Farmed booster packs can be opened from your online account. Crystals (our premium currency) can be used to mint and send cards directly to your Enjin wallet, where you can send or trade them if you choose to.

Our contracts will be professionally audited by Quantstamp with frequent penetration tests looking for potential exploits.

(Not your average) Season Pass:

Each season, unlock your full potential with the Spirit Clash Season Pass:

**Season Pass may only be purchased using the SCT token. Any amount of SCT (used to buy unique items/battle passes) will be burnt from the total supply after your successful store purchase**


First, it’s important to understand what governance is and how it can actually be implemented in a video game. There is no game that will operate efficiently with a completely decentralized governance system.

That being said, those who stake a certain amount of SCT will be eligible to vote on future changes to the game. Some of these changes include: Different items in the shop, tournament info, burn ratios, and more TBD. We will govern the options you have to vote on, but you will ultimately have the final say, as it should be.

**Governance will not be implemented until the token is replicated as an ERC-1155**

Token Sale/Details:

Total supply: 10,000,000

Token sale price: 1 ETH = 12,000 tokens

Uniswap listing price: 1 ETH = 10,909 tokens

Diluted market cap: 500,000

Softcap: 250 eth

Hardcap: 500 eth

Min contribution: 0.5 eth

Max contribution: 25 eth

Token mintable: No

Unsold tokens: All burnt (while maintaining healthy liquidity on Uniswap)

Everyone who participates in the token sale will receive an exclusive card not obtainable anywhere else.

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Token Sale Launch

The Clash Token private sale will officially begin December 18th following an AMA in Zendetta’s Telegram group →

Token Distribution

60% of the total supply (6,000,000 tokens) will be available in the private sale. 30% (3,000,000 tokens) + 275 ETH will be used for liquidity on Uniswap. 10% (1m tokens) will be kept by the team to distribute for promotions/marketing/bounties/airdrops. All funds: Team tokens, Uniswap liquidity, and token sale proceeds will be locked, vested for 12 months.

Funding Breakdown

The funds collected from the token sale will be used as follows:

30% is going directly to Uniswap liquidity and will be locked immediately

15% for further game development

15% for further sound development

15% for future art commissions

5% for team/miscellaneous expenses (Domain registrations, etc.)


•November 2020 — Begin closed alpha testing

•December 2020 — New website live. New store with new cards. MFT/OVT airdrop. SCT token sale. SCT exclusive items will initiate the first token burns. Begin preliminary tests on yield farming ratios.

• January 2021 — Add progression system to the alpha, add private matches, add Enjin wallet linking, begin alpha wave 2. Start preparations for Season 1.

• Still January 2021 — Huge visual upgrades, most SFX/music finished and implemented. EnjinX marketplace API to be integrated in the game. Softlaunch NFT farm. Officially integrate with Enjin, replicate as ERC-1155.

• February 2021 — Begin alpha wave 3 and reveal the Single Player gameplay trailer.

• March 2021 — Soft-launch-governance based on tiered SCT staking amounts.

and so so much more.

The future is looking bright for Spirit Clash. The question is, will you be joining us?

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