Clash token (SCT) is a deflationary utility token for Spirit Clash. Its primary use case is to yield farm booster packs on our website. We will also have limited edition items, and season passes that can only be purchased with SCT. After a successful store purchase, the spent SCT will be burnt from the total supply. The amount of burnt tokens is one of the changes that can be voted on once governance is in place & the token is re-made as ERC-1155 with an official Enjin adapter.

Okay, let’s break this down, starting with the token itself, and why you should care. …

Spirit Dust… For many months, people have wondered what this mysterious token is for. We’re finally ready to release the sacred information, and a whole lot more. 😏

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100 Spirit Dust

Spirit Dust will act as a revolving currency for cards within the game. You will be able to use it to craft new cards. If you want to destroy a card, you will receive Spirit Dust for doing so, and can craft additional cards with the dust you receive, similar to Hearthstone. Anyone who holds the 1155 version of Spirit Dust can convert it to the in-game equivalent at a 1:1 ratio. …

Hey SC Army, today I’ve got something fun to share with all of you. It had been bugging me for a little while, and I finally got the proper inspiration and time to make it happen. Today, we’re revealing the re-imagined design of the card frames.

The version you have all seen was what I consider to be version 3.0 of the design. For those of you that follow me here, I made a post a while back describing the evolution of design up until 3.0, which was where things stood at the time. …

Hello SC faithful, many of you have asked about this, so I’m going to lay it all out right here, right now. 😎

Since we have three separate purchasable tiers of packs, we’ve decided we are going to do something a little different than your standard “Top 10” purchases for a few of the awards.

The top purchaser in each tier will receive a PHYSICAL piece of artwork from one of the cards in the game. 🎨

* You read that correctly *

The top buyer of each tier will receive the ORIGINAL ART of one of the pieces shown below, mailed directly to their door, to hold onto a piece of the beginning… Forever. …

As the Spirit Clash presale has officially taken off this week, we’d like to explain the logistics behind the rarities and what you can find in the packs!

First and foremost, there are three available tiers of purchasable packs at

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3 Card Rare Booster Pack

3 card rare booster pack drop rate percentages: 73% Common, 21% Rare, 4% Epic, 1% Legendary, 0.5% Hidden, 0.5% Divine

This is our first tier, which gives great value at a price of 0.1 ETH per pack!

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Inspired by Trading Card Games throughout the ages, Spirit Clash brings something new with the power of actions and cores.

You’ve heard of Crypto Gaming such as Axie Infinity, Steem Monsters, Crypto Kitties, and Gods Unchained. However, you’ll want to learn about Spirit Clash as well if you are a fan of card games.

If you want to learn more about what’s coming, visit the Spirit Clash website.

One thing I can tell you before diving into things that may interest you is…

I’m back, SC supporters!

Today we are going to be diving into the creative process of one of our newest artists, Emmanuel Aguilar (@Mysticfox4 on social media), and his creation of our first Goblinoid character art!

Emmanuel started this piece off by giving us three different compositions he felt potentially fitting for the character.

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Each composition was full of potential, as you can see here.

We actually loved what he did with all of these, but decided for this particular character, the face of B and the composition of C combined would make for the best “Varag Shaman” in this case!

Moving forward, he came back to us with his second presentation. …

Hey everybody,

We love our community, so we are going to keep sharing some (we at least think so) fun and interesting posts with you guys about our upcoming game!

Keep reading, as there is a small teaser video later on 😉

Today, I’m here to show you our evolution of design. Below, you can see some images of what the DAY 1 Spirit Clash cards looked like (back in 2017). 😄

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Spirit Clash

Collectible card game using blockchain & Enjin 1155

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